Pittsburgh Jewelry Attractions

I will be moving to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in a few months, and
I’m wondering if anyone has about the jewelry and crafts
scene in Pittsburgh. I am a beginner metalsmith, and I would love
to know which local art school / craft center offer jewelry &
metalsmithing classes and workshops. Also, are there any good trade
shows, jewelry suppliers, or bead shops in the Pittsburgh area that
I should know about? Any would be greatly appreciated.

Teresa Lin

Teresa Lin Pgh. is my home town. My first interest in jewelry making
was there way back at the young age of 12 around 1962. The
neighborhood I grew up in had and I believe still has a craft, art
and painting center. It’s in Mellon Park in the Shadyside /
Pointbreeze area Forbes & Shady Ave. Its known as the Mellon Art
Center. I loved hanging around at the classes and the monthly shows
held in the gallery. Also the area of Shadyside is known for it’s
boutiques, art and craft galleries, metal/jewelry smith shops. This
is also next to Oakland and University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie
Mellon University and the Frick Art & History Museum. And of huge
interest is the massive gem stone mineral collection at the Museum.
An annual Gem Society meet is held there every year I believe.
Pittsburgh is a very cultural town and these neighborhoods are the
center of it. Also, there is a building in downtown Pgh. named the
Clark Bldg. It’s about 8 floors of jewelers, supply houses and trade
shops. I moved away in 71 but get back about every two years to visit
family. I then moved to another great Penn. city, Philadelphia. That
is where I got my formal education in Metal Work and Sculpture. At
the then named Philadelphia College of Art & Pennsylvania Academy of
Fine Art. Now enjoying the good life in S. E. Florida for the past 20
years. I wish you well in The Burg as the locals call it. A beautiful
city with much going on. Let me know the community you will be
living in, maybe I know something about it and proximity to the above
areas. I also know a few in the jewelry biz there who might be of

Also, my brother has a business in Pgh. He’s a Luthier (makes
guitars) as well as repair, teaching and playing stringed

Jim Mannella