Pitting with Puk-2 argentium welding

When using the Puk 2 to weld Argentium silver we are getting lots of
pits after final polish.

Welding a cap that has been notched to fit onto pegs for
positioning. We are welding the peg to the cap. It is a tight fit and
there is little or gap. It seems to do the job but when the final
polish is cleaned off the area is riddled with pits.

To much power? Not enough? Can anyone comment, or help?

Thank you

You will not be able to ramp up to your weld with your equipment. If
the work allows for preheating, do that. Get the work to hot to
handle with out TIG welding gloves, but not so hot to scorch the
gloves. If your work can’t be preheated, consider TIG and heat
sinking. It is my experience that Argentium has some unique
reactions to welding.

My experience with PUK-2 welding is quite the opposite. Argentium
welds very much like 14K. Much lower settings than for sterling.

Judy Hoch