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Pits in sheet

I tried to fuse some 14ky on SS sheet, but instead of fusing, it
created huge pits in the silver. Why did it do this? Did I over heat
it? Would I do better fusing fine silver with higher karat alloys?

Thanks in advance,

Colleen Lewis

I had this problem a lot and almost gave up trying. In a recent
class I got it down pat. Concentrate your torch on heating the
entire peice. Be sure to clean the peice and flux. Watch very
closely for the “flash” just under each peice. It is much easier to
see with subduded light in the room. The last 3 months of Lapidary
Journal have included projects on fusing and the writers used a small
kiln to get the peice to near fusing temp then brushed it with a
torch. You’ll find that you can fuse gold balls, wire, or cut
designs onto silver or other gold. Don’t give up. BTW, the
fabrication class was by Lona Northerner at Conner Jewelry Institute
in southern Indiana. Good luck, Regis

Instead of fusing, it created huge pits in the silver. 

Oxidation on the surface of the sterling silver may be the problem.
Try depletion gilding the silver, i.e., raise a surface of fine silver
by bringing the sheet to annealing temperature and pickling a couple
of times, till the sheet has a powdery, white surface of fine silver.
Then brass-brush the surface with water and baking soda and keep your
fingers off of it.