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Pitch bowl smells of burnt rubber


I picked up two bowling balls at a yard sale for $2 each.

To those that sawed a bowling ball for a pitch bowl did yours stink
like burnt rubber? Did you use anything to remove the smell after

With all the commercial roofing and construction I did as a General
Contractor in the past this is sure stinky. I wonder if covering with
red pitch will stop the odor I have doubts. It cost too much for good
pitch to waste. I even chipped out some of the cork and rubber inside
of it. Still smells like burnt rubber. I guess I will pass on cutting
the other ball.

I will just add them to my rock garden to cover the sand in Fl. I
hope you had a LOL. If you don’t try you never will. Just do it and
be safe.

To those that haven’t read the pitch bowl’s and alternative for
Jewelers. Here is the link:

Have A Great Day!


Add on question…Does pitch ever get too old?