Pipe-Cut Gold Rings

Dan, another source for these ring blanks would be to use cut off
sections of deep drawn tubing. This is exactly what some of the new
Bonny Doon deep draw tools are made for. The tools can be made for
whatever gauge and size tube you want.

I would suggest that you post your request on the Discussion Group
at Bonny Doon Engineering. The URL for the discussion group is
http://www.bonnydoonengineering.com/ceilidh/ceilidh.html I think that
someone with a hydraulic press and deep draw tools might do the
blanks for you. You might like to have the ring tube made, and then
cut off sections as you decide what width you want. (Or, if you have
need for lots of these, you might decide to invest in the tools for
yourself!) Cindy www.cynthiaeid.com