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Pipe benders to iddy biddy ones

ok i use a pipe bender to bend the copper pipes into shapes that I
need smoothly on my big metal pieces…how come nobody’s ever made
something like that for the silver tubes i use in jewelry???anybody
got any suggestions?

MicroAge has the itty-bitty tubing benders. Do a search on their name
at Google, and get their website. They also send a nice snail-mail

Jim Small
Small Wonders

get some coiled piano strings as well as various sizes ofguitar
strings etc they work just fine leo kusher in st louis

Tube bending equipment for silver work is available from Small
Parts,Inc… Their phone is 800-423-9009 and their web-site is Bill Rodgers

Hi Lisa, Micro Mark sell minature pipe benders for 4.95 for a set of
4…they look like spiral wire tubes/springs they work really
well…Susan Chastain @jcsc

Micro-Mark has a set of inexpensive tube benders that can be used on
smaller-sized tubing. Very handy. Dee

I think Jim must have meant MicroMark. You can get there from here:

They do have a very nice catalog.

Christinein Littleton, where the stars are shining brightly.

Hi All Try putting aluminiume wire inside the silver tube (can also be
used for drawing down the tube ). the silver can then be bent the same
as solid wire .The aluminium is removed by dissolving it in hot
caustic soda solution (take care with this). Regards
David Sheard

I have neatly bent gold and silver tubing by filling the tubing with
FINE sand,after anealing, and then shake the sand out after shaping.

Ed Lishka