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Pink patina

Hello all,

Does anyone know how to make pink patina on silver or non precious
metal. It needs to be a real pink, not a coppery pink.

Laura Cowan
Judaica designer and silversmith

Laura, How about considering a metal dye? Unless it’s a high-impact
area that will constantly be abraded, simply allowing it to dry and
sealing it with either wax or Krylon will be reliable and durable.
The thing that makes it really nice is that you have the lustre of
the metal shining through, as opposed to a paint or enamel that
covers up the metal. You can also mix colors to get exactly what you

I’ve used them on a variety of metals including sterling, and been
really satisfied with the results.

Here is the only company I ran across who sells them online. I have
another supplier for them, but can’t find the phone number right now
(but they’re the same basic price and selection as those here:

Good luck and have fun!
Karen Goeller