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Pinchbeck alloy

During the turn of the century (or maybe a littler earlier I
think) there was a fake gold made called Pinchebeck, consisting
of 17% zinc and the rest copper. The examples of jewelry made
with this alloy really look like gold. So I tried to make some to
see if I could. Well, the zinc pretty much boiled off after
adding it to the copper and all I got was nicely de-oxed copper
for the most part. I wonder if anyone has ever made this stuff
and any tips you could give if its possible to make in a small
shop. Also, does anyone know where I can buy zinc for alloying?

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Dave there is a 15 o/o zinc and 85 o/o alloy called red brass
and it looks like 14kt. Indian Jewler’s Supply in Gallup N.M.
carries it. Vince.

Hi Dave: I understand that pinchback was named after the fellow
who invented it and that he took the secret of how to make it to
his grave and no one has been able to duplicate it , that is one
way we have of truly telling an old garnet piece, I have only
seen pinchback with the old Bohemian Garnets, A very interesting
question! I would like to learn more about it! Sincerely Chris

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I have read in one of my books that Nugold is the alloy that
used to be called pinchbeck. If you would like to know the
source I will look it up.


Got a part of a pound at the local metal scrap yard. Owner said
very little zinc comes in any more. BUT, ifn you call

McMaster-Carr supply company p.o. box 54960 Los Angeles, Ca
(310) 692-5911 fax (213 ? 310 ?) 695-2323

zinc ~22 pound ingot no. 9069k1 net each $36.38 or zinc sheet in
rolls 8x60 x.016 inches no. 9068k14 net each $7.31

When last I used zinc in making alloys it fumed up like gang
busters and stunk. How much zinc went into the alloy, no real
idea. Lesson (for me) work with a strong wind behind you. Once
made a bunch of nielo and had sulfur coming out of every thing
for weeks. Yes, a strong wind behind you is a blessing. Bye the
way, ifn you are after making nielo buy the sulfur at the local
garden shop, it’s a fraction of the cost there. I use almost all
ten pounds.

Bill in hot humid Vista, California.