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Pin back mechanisms

I would like to make my own pin backs. Are there books and/or websites that give instructions for simple pin mechanisms?

There is a book called “Behind the Brooch: A Closer Look at Backs, Catches, and Pin Stems,” May 28, 2014 by Lorena Angulo

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Thank you…I will see if I can find a copy

It’s on Amazon.

Found and ordered…thank you!

To the Point: Pin Mechanisms and Brooch Back Design by Daniela Malev 2017

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Thank you!

To the Point can be challenging to locate. I found it from

Scroll down to the T’s and you’ll find it listed. Charon has a fantastic collection of books.

A wonderful book…mine had to be delivered from Germany…but worth the wait and cost.

One of the most important issues is using the correct wire…needs to be hard enough to remain springy and thin enough to easily pass through cloth. I’ve been getting .029 “Hard” Stainless steel wire from McMaster Carr which is tricky to form but very resilient …

Spring-Back Multipurpose 304 Stainless Steel Wire
1 Foot Long, Mirror-Like, 0.029" Diameter

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Thank you for this information…I was wondering what type of wire to use and where to find it.