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Piercing supplier

hi all, I am sure this has come up, but I have never seen this
source listed; and I have been watching… looking for a wholesale
company distributing finished stainless steel body piercing
jewelery. if anyone can recommend a good wholesale company, I’d love
to know about it. web pages/ names/ email/ phone numbers.

much thanks in advance. nothing fancy, just the basic hoops bar
bells etc.

fusion studio

Body jewelry can be a tricky thing for those not in the field. Rule
number one: any cheap jewelry is not acceptable. If jewelry is made
poorly it can cause bad reactions in the body. Certain materials
such as silver, or anything painted or plated is not good. Gold
should be 18k. Stainless steel should be made of either 316LVM
ASTMF-138 or 316L for healed piercings. “Surgical” stainless doesn’t
say anything about what kind of metal it is. All parts of the
jewelry should be mirror polished with no nicks, scratches, or bumps.
Quality body jewelry is not cheap, but if you care about your
customers it’s worth it. And just because a company claims that it
makes it’s jewelry from 316LVM doesn’t mean it’s of good quality. You
can find out more at and I believe that they
have a few names of companies in their member listings.