Pierced ears: killing germs

Dentists tell me that tests have shown that standard lysol cleaner is
almost 100% effective against almost everything they have to deal
with, even when compared with expensive proprietary dental magic germ
killer solutions…


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Charles, I’ve been reading this thread for some time. If someone is
highly allergic then any chemical even dish soap could be dangerous to
them. So if people are really serious about sterilising metal earrings
they need to send them off for autoclaving.

Steam under pressure should kill lots of funguses, viruses and
bacteria and I think its is better than any chamical that has been
discussed. When I was in college that was how we used to cook the
media for our microbiology class and it was good enough; in fact steam
is how hospitals sterilise their surgical instruments.

I’ve enclosed some interesting URLs about autoclaving, opinions, laws
et cetera as related to body art. I don’t vouch for any of the sources
nor accuracy. This is just an intro to the idea.

Note that these URLs must be copied and pasted in two parts to make
them work due to the inadequacy of Microsoft Email. But they are WELL
worth the effort.Geo.
Chapte r_11/366.html
text/h b1899.html


Hi! From experience, that is correct. I have over 10 years of practice
as a surgical dentist assistant and for the earrings that should be
fine. Just let it sit for 30 seconds after applying the spray to a
paper towel or such. There are guidelines on the back of the spray
can. And I repeat alcohol is NOT enough!


Ok so it has been about three days and not one member of Orchid
appears to have actually experienced a problem with a customers’ ears
after trying on earrings prior to purchase. So from my informal,
somewhat unscientific survey here, we can assume that someone
contracting a disease from this process is exceedingly rare or

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