[Pictures] Tucson 2000 Dinner


Photos of the Tucson 2000 Dinner have been placed on
www.photopoint.com. I believe the above address will take you to the
site. You should then click on the Tucson 2000 Dinner which will
probably be near the bottom of the page. It should appear on
Thursday, March 23, 2000.

Mary Thelzeda Moore

I have been through the page and can’t find any mention of the orchid
gathering. Could you help me pinpoint it? Is it between ones which
you can point me to? Thanks. I scanned it for ages and couldn’t find
any Orchid reference. Thanks!

I did a search on the photopoint page and they appear to be here:

the problem is that it’s only the thumbprint size and no enlargements
(maybe that’s a good thing!)

Amy O’Connell
Amy O’Connell Jewelry

This is the first time I have used PhotoPoint and for some reason I
have been unable to enlarge the photos. The ones that were printed
are 4" X 6". If anyone can give me some tips on what to do to enlarge
them I will really appreciate it. They turned out quite well (if they
were only larger).

Thelzeda Moore

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		Please contact the author off list!