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Pictures of old workshops

I have scoured the internet for pictures of old jewellery workshops.
Even sketches of old goldsmith studios. Jewellers benches etc. My
efforts have been fruitless.

If any one has seen something that might fit these descriptions and
could point me in the direection of them, it would be very much


In ‘On Divers Arts’ by Theophilus there are two very good prints by
Stephanus circa 1576 (Dover books) small copy here

regards Tim Blades.

Try contacting Glenn Klein. For his book “Faceting History: cutting
diamonds & colored stones”, he found a number of old pictures and
sketches. I would expect that the same sources might be useful to
you. His website is at

Al Balmer
Sun City, AZ

There are some cool old prints of shops and smiths in action in The
Therory and Practice of Goldsmithing Brynmorgen Press Portland
Maine, Alan Reveres’ Professionl Goldsmithing RAJA Press San Fran,
Both on the inside covers and JEWELRY THROUGH THE AGES Guido
Gregorietti Crescent Books New York pages 20 &21