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G’day again. I noticed a lot of comments about using coat
hanger and other iron wire for picks. If you use a nice clean
bit of iron wire it is quite likely that the silver/gold solder
will solder to it nicely, and that isn’t what is wanted. I
would think that you would have to ‘dirty’ the iron by heating it
to red or hotter to thoroughly oxidise it so the solder wouldn’t
stick easily. However, since nothing adheres to titanium, I touch
my Ti wire to a little pool of flux, touch it to the tiny solder
square which is then picked up by the moisture. When the torch is
applied, the solder rolls itself into a tiny bright fluxed ball,
ready to be applied to your jump rings or other delicate job.
If you flux the iron pick the flux might clean it enough to make
the solder fuse to it. Wish our bike shops sold even NEW
titanium spokes - they don’t. So I had to buy $15 earrings!
(about US$9) Cheers, –

   / /    John Burgess, 
  / /
 / //\    @John_Burgess2
/ / \ \

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