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Pickle pot safety


I don’t know why this popped into my mind just now, but I remember
quite a while ago some discussion about leaving pickle pots on when
the day’s work was done.

There were various solutions. The solution that works for me is that
when I wired my studio I had the outlet for the pickle pot tied into
the overhead light switch. When the lights go out so does the p-pot.


I find it a huge waste of time waiting for the crock pot to heat up.
Set on high it tends to boil over and I think poses a greater risk
than just leaving it on all the time, day and night, on low. I want
to avoid forgetting that I left it on high and boiling it dry.
Solution: I put mine on a timer so it comes on a hour before I
usually go to work. Always hot when I need it. Turns itself off at
the end of the day.

I have my ultrasonic on the light circuit. Does not take as long to
heat up.

Stephen Walker

Andover, NY