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Pickle and nickel

Found a new sheet of nickel silver that had been buried, and decided
to do a mockup piece today. It is 4 x 1 in size. Tossed it in the
pickle after soldering and half of the piece turned a weird mottled
brown with a little copper plating. However. the other half of the
piece was not discolored at all. My first thought was that it came
in contact w/ steel. so I then tossed a scrap piece of sterling in
the pickle. No plating/coating/discoloration.

I did not use steeltongs. This not only happened once. but twice.
When it happened the first time I figured I just messed up and used
the wrong tongs… so I cleaned it up using sparex/peroxide. and
tried it again. Same scenario. Half the piece…

I purchased this nickel from a reputable source…

Ideas anyone? Thanks–

Liane Redpath