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Pic platform and glue, quick and easy

What’s a good reusable platform for quick repeatable photos of
pieces? What do you use to attach a ring to that surface. I want a
white background and want to get in and out really quick. Minimum
muss and fuss. I need a reusable surface. I’ve used white glass, but
it can get a little smudgy which I can clean each time but I
consider that fuss and muss. I need to stand rings up and like hot
glue because it breaks off the shank quick and cleanly but I have to
wait for the glue gun to heat up, more fuss. I just want to spend a
few minutes for each piece, then leave it all set up for the next
one. I would really appreciate your ideas, don’t hold back! Mark

Mark-To hold rings upright for photos I use very sticky dental wax.
The kind that is used on braces. You can buy it at most any store
that sells toothpaste etc. It comes in a small plastic box. It steams
right off.

For a platform we use a slightly frosted pane of glass sitting on top
of four clear plastic cups. That way we can get light underneath as
well as on top of the piece of jewelry.

Have fun and make lots of jewelry.
Jo Haemer

The dental wax never worked for me. I use a hot glue gun on a piece
of frosted glass. Comes off easily, but holds until then.

Janet Kofoed

What’s your thoughts on the whiter sticky wax. You can use small
bits of it but you have to stream it off after. Ohhh I just thought
of something better. I got some industrial strength glue dots at a
fabric store that are clear and super sticky but they peel off metal
cleanly. That world be good. Stick it to a white poster board or
white plexiglass.

I make large heavy bracelets that won’t stand up by themselves. I
have made a stand that supports the bracelet in a sharpened rod
(nail) that is secured in the base through a hole and glued. Since I
shoot straight down, you don’t see the nail. I have also used museum
wax to position pieces. It is a bit sticky, but has to be to work.
For a shooting surface, I use a piece of white PVC board from Lowes.
It has a smooth surface and a textured surface and can be quickly
cleaned if it gets dirty. My camera is supported with a home built
contraption also made from narrow pieces of PVC molding that allows
me to use the timer feature of my camera and get good in focused
shots. While I use a fairly high end camera, this arrangements works
well with any camera that you can attach to a mount. My lighting is
four 5700K bulbs and a cloud dome. It all works and helps to address
some of your issues. I will post some pictures on the Rob’s Shop
page of my website. Address is below. Thanks. Rob

Rob Meixner

I use the EZcube jewelry system which came with a “staging kit” that
includes among other things, a few different plastic platforms
approximately 10 inches square. One is shiny white, one shiny black
and my favorite is a silver colored one with a very fine matte
finish. I use a graduated black to white background with the black on
top which reflects on the platform so the photos come out darker
towards the top and lighter towards the bottom with a fuzzy
reflection of the piece, similar to finely frosted glass. The kit
also includes “prop wax”, which is most like a white form of beeswax,
but it’s a little softer, less gooey and easier to work with. A 2mm
ball of it at the bottom of the shank stands up most any ring
invisibly. After shooting, remove the wax, a quick wipe of the shank
and the platform with a paper towel and both are good to go. You
could probably do the same thing with beeswax and a vinyl, ceramic or
stone floor tile from a big-box hardware store.


Thanks for the great comments and tips. You all helped me change my
set-up to more of a drive-thru than my current fancy sit down
restaurant configuration! Mark