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Photos of work - for beginners

For those of us just starting out I want to say DON"T PANIC. A
friend of mine has built a $30,000 wholesale business with black
and white scans of her jewelry and a great product and a friendly
sales pitch. You don’t need to buy a digital camera, a computer,
a scanner, a professional photographer etc unless you are ready
for them.

I know that many in this group have been in business for decades
and I’ve been fascinated with the discussion because I am
getting my web site together to sell large sized rings and
bracelets to large size people (a market I can’t reach through
the galleries and art stores).

I just don’t want “newbies” to dispair (and I have to remind
myself periodically). You don’t have to spend money on the best
to get going in the beginning. My protege is an at home mother
with two pre-schoolers. She has more than enough work to do to
keep up with her consignment outlets. Once the kids in school she
will be ready to go the retail show route or the wholesale route
full time. In the meantime she sells everything she makes and is
learning. She uses my tumbler and polishing wheel and hasn’t
spent money on all those tools that I bought that I don’t use

Everybody is at a different point and I wouldn’t want our heated
discussion of digital photography vs “real” photographs to scare

kathi parker (moonscape designs)