[Photography] Sony Mavica vs Nikon

hey alan…

the feedback i’ve gotten also leads me to the nikon coolpics
950. i have a friend who is doing web site development for
jewelry stores, and she is definately hot on the nikon over the
mavica. higher rez, so you can blow the image up larger. i got
a price from one of the internet discounters ( i forget who, but
one of the major players) for under $900.00. you can add
extended memory and stuff, but since i’m looking at feeding
directly into the computer, i won’t need that. hell, i won’t
even need a viewfinder! this camera is capable of extreme
close-up work, too. you will need to go back to quartz
lighting, as i don’t believe digitals enjoy the POP of strobe
lighting. with a simple carousel, you can rotate the piece and
do 3-D shots, and add some animation to your site.

d zaruba

For macro work the nikon 950 or the older 900S are the best ones
out there at this time it has a built in optical macro focusing
mode with the wonderful nikon lenses. Many other digitals use a
signal processing routine for doubling of the pixels but this
kind of magnification is very poor for close up work. I have
had my nikon for about 9 months now and am very happy with it.
You can use a flash with them, the 900S has a plug for the nikon
speedlite type flash . I assume that the 950 has one as well but
I have not looked at it up close.


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