[Photography] Sony DCR Digital Handycam

Is it possible to photograph jewellery pieces (for use on a Web site
and catalogue) with a Sony DCR Digital Handycam which I have been
offered the use of. The jewellery will be mainly 18 ct yellow and
white gold diamond rings and chains. Any help from the “hands on
folk” will be much appreciated.

Alan Rathbone

Alan, I have a sony digital handycam and in order to pull video or
stills onto your computer you will have to buy a video capture card.I
bought one called pyro and it has a firewire port on it so you can
hook the camera into the computer.I have had mixed results.Mainly
because I believe I have a lemon DELL computer.J Morley Coyote Ridge Studio

Dear Alan, A digital video camera would take excellent photos, the
problem would be to transfer them to the medium you need the photos
in. I have a Sony VX1000 digital camcorder. The videos it takes are
incredible. The detail and crispness of the images I get cannot be
matched by any other camcorder I have used. To use the images in other
media, you need a way to transfer them to a computer. At present that
would mean a Fire Wire connection ( a card in your computer, whether
it’s a Mac or PC) or an expensive editing station from Sony (over
$4,000 US). I have transferred still photos to my Macintosh computer,
but used an S-Video connector do not have that Fire Wire connection,
so the wonderful detail was not transferred as well.

I do not want to discourage you from trying it, though. If you have a
chance to use the camera, do so. It may fill your needs (and it’s

If you have any questions about digital camcorders, please email me
off list. I have extensive experience filming little league and
high school baseball games.

Gail Middleton,
Brooklyn, NY