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I would like to get more of my work photographed and am not sure what
to do at this point. I had about 12 of my pieces photographed a few
months ago by an aquaintince who is also a profesional photographer.
Problem was he photos metals but the industrial kind,for catalogs.
It was too late to back out of the deal and he was quite fair with
his price. The photos turned out ok but there were little things
that bothered me such as fingerprints and dust on some of my work
which he did not clean before he worked with them - I guess it was my
fault for not letting him know ahead of time that he could pick them
up and use a cloth to clean them before a shot or use white gloves.
Anyway the shots were not all bad - did magnify the flaws on a few of
my pieces - woops!!! I took that as a good thing!!! Anyway, I
now need just a couple of my new pieces photographed for a few shows
I want to get into and am thinking I could go back to him and train
him or forget about it and try someone new. Here is my dilema. I
know that you all have been saying to get professional shots because
It really makes a difference in shows. Most of the shots I have look
really great at all at least to my eyes (except for the dust,
fingerprint and my goofs - I am not counting those) . They are
simple and straight forward. Some have an all grey or black fade to
grey background. I have a few with rust or blue fade to grey
background (his call) which i am not to sure would fly but they do
look good. I do pendants so he suspended them and you do not see any
shadows on the background which I like. The two pieces I need done
now are brooches. I understand that most photos are simple and
straight forward and are done in dark grey fade to grey. I am just
so afraid of dropping a bundle on two shots but I have heard all of
you say get professional shots. Unfortunatly I cannot show you an
example of what I have because I have an OLD computer, but the ones I
have sent to shows look like the ones in the craft mags. If I do go
for a new place where do I find one? (I live in CT). Also, what is
a fair price to pay for photos and do they do just a couple at a
time? Thanks, Elle (making money finally but still haven’t broken

Dear Elle, You might consider sending your work to Ralph Gabriner in
New York, you can call him at 914 376-0175 and/or check out his very
nice website at http://gabriner.com . After considering several well
known jewelry photography professionals I decided to use his
services. My work is hand crocheted in 18 karat gold , set with
faceted colored gemstones and diamonds, and it is not particularly
easy to photograph. I have just received my slides back from him and
I am very pleased with them.

Best of luck,

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