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[Photography] Picture Perfect Computer Imaging System


Hello everyone, IN the past couple of months I have recievd many, many
e-mails asking me how I am photographing my work that I have posted on
my web-site. The system I have is from Gesswein. It’s called the
Picture Perfect Computer ImagingSystem. Many of you may have seen this
in Gessein’s catalogue. The great thing about the system is that not
only do you have instant pictures on your computer but there is also a
full raqnge of cataloguing features. I can sit here and explain
everything that is capable with this camera system but it would take
me all day. If anybody would like to see the quality of the pictures
this camera takes visit my web-site. The new
software that is being released for the system has many new goodies as
well. Let me know whaqt you all think. Gesswein can be reached at
1-800-243-4466 Marc Williams