Photography of or 35 mm

There have been several posts of ‘secrets’ of photography of Opals.
If any of you would like to share any secrets, I sure would appreciate
any ideas that might help me get better at this.

The best one I have heard, but havent tried yet, is to mount the
light over the opal on an arm that would swing in an arc of 180
degrees over the opal in order to bring out all the possible
highlights. The camera (a 35mm film camera, not digital) would be set
on a time shot in a darkened room, the light turned on, then moved
from the right side of the Opal, across the opal through the top of
the arc ending at the left side of the Opal. Then the shutter would
be closed. I think this same thing could be accomplished with
multiple flashes. If any of you have tricks, secrets, experience,
I’ll be happy to try them all and report back. I’ll even put the
examples on a Web page for all to see.

Especially any differences you have experienced in the difference
between the different kinds of Opal, such as Boulder, Coober Peddy,
Lightning Ridge, etc…

I’m also looking for a 12 step program for Opalholics. One of these
days you will probably see me on a corner with a paper bag and a sign
sayin " I will work for potch"…

Love and God Bless