Photography going rates in the US?

I know most of you take your own jewelry photos, but for those of
you who have professional photographers do photos for your websites,
how much is the going rate in the US? Do they charge a flat fee, per
piece, or some other scale?

Thank you for your input,

Donna W
Huntsville, AL


I went to a trade show last year through SNAG & met a photographer.
He said to me, he will charge $100.00 per picture. But he’ll take
many shots and then the one that is good, will be $100.00.

I still remember ‘that’ funny dinner we had together with Scott

To this day, I had not idea what the waitress was saying…:>) Fond
memories of Huntsville, Alabama. regards!

Gerry Lewy

I was quoted flat rates for each size photo that I would want, also
a flat rate for 1 minute rotating video of a piece. I still take my
own. Much less expensive.


I have had it 2 ways, per image,80 to 100 us $, and per roll, 150
US$,that is film roll of 36 shots. and for sculpture work there is
the 1/2 day or full day fee, 600 to 1000 US$.

The first style is best since no matter how many shots and time is
spent, you pay for the shot that you like and purchase. The second
rate is you would get the whole roll of 36 shots and pay, no matter
what you got, same with the 3rd style.

Hope this helps.

By the way I have found excellent jewelry photographers to be a very
rare breed. Part technician part miniature museum object handler,
part bomb difuser squad, and miniature object photographer. I have
also had photographers who have been “bull in a china shop” treating
the jewelry like it is some bubblegum pack jewelry out of the gum
ball machine…

So if you find a photographer you like they are worth their weight
in gold.

George post is an excellent jewelry photographer.

There is more to just taking a picture. What are you going to do
with it? Website, ad copy, magazine, newspaper, insurance? If
digital, are the files going to be cleaned? Imperfections fixed? In
the case of a ring do you want just the prongs, stone, face of the
ring, inside of the ring and the back edge of the ring all in focus?
That requires a shot of each in focus and then stacked together to
make all points of the ring or piece in focus. It may take three to
ten usable images of the same item.

When you look at an image on your computer or phone, there may be 80
pixels to the inch. A good magazine will have 3,600 or more pixels to
the inch. A good image on line might only be a file of 100k bits (100
thousand), the same image for a glossy magazine might be 20 meg bits
(20 million).

Lastly you need to know who owns the copyright to the image, you or
the photographer. Don’t assume as it gets expensive. Digital photos
can be embedded with the photographers copyright and can be signed
and traced all over the internet. Good luck in trying to remove an
embedded watermark that the human eye cannot see.


I have found that Azad at has
good rates and he is a fabulous jewelry photographer. You can visit
his website for pricing. (no connection, but I use him for my web
and jury photos)


Thank you for all of the great input! I always learn so much on this
forum. Charlie, I had no idea about the layering of photos, etc.
GREAT Hopefully I will launch my website sometime this

All the best,
Donna W
Huntsville, AL

I want to add to the earlier thread about Photographers. The bar has
been raised for jury expectations and our photos can make the
difference in acceptance or denial to fairs, exhibitions, books,
etc. With so much of our work seen globally via internet, our photos
represent us and our work to the world. I believe in having the best
possible photographs out there.

I see a huge difference between the passable photos I take and those
of a great professional. And, it’s easier said than done to find a
good photographer. I’ve tried many photographers with vastly varying
degrees of success (and mediocrity). It’s a costly process. As
Hratch said, if you find a photographer you like, they are worth
their weight in gold!

For the last few years I have been delighted with Hap Sakwa
Photography BUT he retired a few months ago. I’m glad Hap’s getting
a break but I really felt the loss. Luckily, I found Victor Wolansky
Photography and I really couldn’t be happier with the quality! I
totally recommend him. That’s saying a lot after being accustomed to
Hap’s work!

Wendy McAllister

If any one is willing to mail work to be photographed or lives
within striking distance, the photographer Doug Yaple is really
great. His images have appeared in a ton of publications and


Yes, Doug is a great photographer. I use him all the time and have
had images of jewelry published in national publications.