Photography fees?

I have had fun and success using my homemade lighting set up from
all the good advice here, and am very satisfied with my results as
far as digital photos go. I am NOT happy with the setup for slides
for jurying.

I have found a semi-local photographer who says he does jewelry, and
am wondering about the pricing.

He charges $100/hour plus film and processing. I have no idea how
many pieces this will be likely to include, and am having a hard
time figuring out how to budget.

I’m wondering what others charge/have been charged for jury slides?

Anyone have someone in the Carolinas they would be willing to

Beth in SC

The hourly fee is meaningless unless you know how many he can shoot
in an hour. You must only use someone if they have shot a lot of
jewelry before and can show you these slides. Jewelry is very, very
different to shoot from other types of craft.

Larry Sanders charges $99.00/hour and a number of members of the
Chicago Metal Arts Guild have used him and are very, very happy.

Larry Sanders
1522 West Pierce St.
Milwauke, WI 53204

Another person to look into is Steve Meltzer.

-Steve Meltzer is a Sarasota, Fla.-based photographer. He can be
reached via e-mail at:

I like Steve’s pricing structure and the way he works. He shoots 7
originals of each jewelry set up and gives all of them to you, along
with the copyright. His charge is per set up, I don’t remember what
it is exactly. He also has a fast turn around.

Your local person does not sound like such a bargain if they are not
experienced with jewelry. I would mail it off to someone with whom
you know you’ll get professional results.

Elaine Luther
Chicago area, Illinois, USA
Metalsmith, Certified PMC Instructor
Studio 925; established 1992

Hi, Beth, The fees quoted by your photographer are the same as mine
charges. That doesn’t mean I can tell you what to budget. The actual
cost will depend on how hard-to-photograph your work is (mine mostly
includes imagery in anodized titanium–very* hard to get it to
look right on film) as well as how good your photographer is. I drive
about an hour to take work to Larry Sanders in Milwaukee, and I hang
around and look through the lens plus he has a digital set-up that
allows a preview of the slide before he takes it. That way, I can ask
for this or that to be different. He said to me last time, “You can
have anything you want, if you’re willing to pay for it.” Some work,
of course, is easier to shoot. I think I end up paying about $50-$60
per image, minimum. By the way, it is cheaper per shot if you do a
bunch at once, since the same basic set-up will often work for all. A
local person is handy, but not strictly necessary. Many people ship
their work to their photog. The main thing, of course, is whether the
slides get you into shows. If you want to see Larry’s work, his work
is in Lapidary Journal this month, illustrating an (excellent)
article about the work of my friend Steff Korsage. You can see some
of what he has shot for me in the gallery section of Orchid, at

Be sure to see the second page-- I am particularly pleased with the
shots of the teapot piece, as exemplified by the lack of reflection
on the glass doors. Good luck!