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Photography Demo

Hello Orchid members! I just finished a new demonstration on my
website. It’s “Basic Jewelry Photography: An overview”. I’ve
really enjoyed talking with other members about setting up their
own photo system and I put this together to help answer some of
the basic questions about what the system looks like and what
equipment is needed. I also put some book recommendations and
resources at the end. If anyone has any comments or suggestions
about the demo please let me know, I’d love to hear it. Thanks


Amy O’Connell
Amy O’Connell Jewelry

What wonderful I have one question what material
are the walls (sides of the “box” made from? Thanks Michele

Amy, I just took a look at your Basic Jewelry Photography site
and it is simply great!! Very simple, straight forward and easy
to understand. Thanks a bunch for sharing your expertise with the

Cheers from Don at The Charles Belle Studio where simple
elegance IS fine jewelry!

Amy Not only is your site extraordinarily helpful ( I really need
visual aids) but has already assisted me in some of my home
photograpy. Thanks for your input. Debbie Kaplan

Hello to Everyone! Thank you to Mark P in Tosa for suggesting this
site. It is wonderful to have such a knowledgable forum. I would
like to visit Amy’s site if someone could please give me the address I
would appreciate it greatly. If anyone knows of any benchjobs open out
there in the Delaware/Philadelphia/Maryland or New Jersey area I am
looking for a good shop to work in. I live in Newark, DE. and am
willing to travel at least an hour in any direction. I have about
15yrs of experience in all aspects of jewelry repair/fabrication/model
making/wax carving and stone setting. Any suggestions? Thank You in
advance. Thanks, Linda Steinke

Congratulations Amy! Great job on the photo demo…it came for me at
an opportune time inasmuch as I am booting up my designer cabochon
website and my web site designer and I are wrestling with the
photography. We’ve found that a properly used web cam is a great way
to go…in terms of expediency and cost. On the other hand, I just
scored an old Minolta SRT 101 single lense reflex camera at a garage
sale for sixty bucks. It had never been used and came with
accessories ! I have also been fortunate enough to score a set of
extension tubes on ebay and will now have macro capability. I can’t
wait to set up a shooting booth and your tips will save me a lot of
trial and error. Thanks a mil for a job well done ! Ron at Mills Gem,
Los Osos, CA.

Anyone have Amy’s site address so I can view the photography set up?



Congrats on finding the old Minolta for macro. If your normal lens
doesn’t satisfy you, a cheap enlarging lens adapted to a bellows or
your extension tubes should work great. You might try reversing the
normal lens first, there are reversing rings available for most
camera brands. If that doesn’t suit you, there should be some way to
mount an enlarging lens to the tubes. At near 1:1 ratios, it might
work even better reversed (a 50 mm lens), so think reversing ring or
something glued up for the purpose.

Good Luck,

You can always search the archives, but then you may have missed her
name, so here is the project page from her post:

She has nice stones, too.

Bernardine Fine Art Jewelry