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Photography - Continued!

G’day ; Having typed part of my previous mail I got called away
and saved it in ‘drafts’ then later, I somehow managed to send it
unfinished. Bit senile. But here’s the rest for what it’s worth:-

With my Canon digital I get no more than 0.2% rejects. It does
everything that I want it to. Now, for storing and use of the
pictures –

JPEG format seems to be the favourite as it is able to compress a
picture from Mbs down to a few Kbs. But the JPEG format is what the
experts call ‘lossey’ This means that when the resultant file is
decompressed, invariably some number of pixels are lost
irretrievably. Therefore for good quality storage I use the PNG
(‘Portable Network Graphics’) format. This format does compress the
picture a little, but all the compression is retrievable. HOWEVER!
If you send an email attachment containing a PNG formatted picture,
the recipient won’t love you; it will take ages to download - and I
do mean ages. So when you wish to send off a picture copy, pull it
into your graphics program and ‘Save as’ selecting the JPEG option.
I usually save to ‘desk top’ where it is easy to find, and
subsequently ‘slide’ it into a suitable folder. The original PNG
copy will still be intact and you can do what you like with the JPEG
copy - even delete it after emailing it if you want to save space.

But as I said, the PNG format gives you a picture containing up to 2
or 3 Megs - which takes up a lot of disc space. So either store in
a zip disc, or in a number of floppies if you don’t have Zip
facility; eventually getting then copied to a Compact Disc by a
modern camera firm. Thus your hard disc won’t get cluttered up with
archived photos. My own hard disc was recently changed to a 20 Giga
byte unit so I now have plenty of room. – Cheers for now,

John Burgess; @John_Burgess2 of Mapua Nelson NZ