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Photography and Cloud Dome Seminar

Dear Orchid members, Lots of people have been calling Cloud Dome and
they are very excited about our product, but they have so many
questions about how to use their digital camera, their computer, and
imaging software programs. After providing a lot of support on the
phone, and meeting with companies on-site, we have discovered that
there is a need for hands-on digital photography seminars.

We did our first test seminar to COMA (The Colorado Metalsmithing
Association), and the feedback was amazing. One of our attendees
said, “I’ve heard about processors, memory, cameras, bandwidth,
pixels, and white balance before, but no one has every put the whole
picture together for me. Thank you. It is starting to make sense.”

Here are some of the things we covered:

-� computer terminology relevant to digital photography

-� minimum technology requirements for your needs

-� a review and explanation of your digital camera’s settings -� a
hands-on tutorial of how to take perfect pictures with the Cloud Dome

-� how to process your digital pictures and not lose image quality

-� how to use Photoshop to enhance your work

We put the seminar together to demystify how to get professional
quality photographs using the Cloud Dome.

In the morning in our seminars, we try to provide a comprehensive
view of minimum requirements for the computer set up, with a detailed
explanation of computer specifications. We start from the basics,
e.g. what is ROM memory, what is available on the market, and what
should I buy for my digital photography needs?, and move on to more
complex questions, e.g. I notice that my pictures all have a blue
tinge, how can I adjust my Fuji camera to eliminate this overlay

In the afternoon, we spend time taking some pictures with the Cloud
Dome, and I personally show attendees how to adjust their cameras to
work best with the Cloud Dome. After we have taken a few pictures,
Photoshop expert, walks us through Photoshop Professional and
Photoshop Elements. Our expert explains how to process pictures using
software so as to maximize the picture quality for different
purposes; mostly for the web and sales brochures.

If you or your organization are interested in coming to one of our
seminars, we would love to hear from you. You can send me an e-mail
at: @Cindy_Lichfield, you can give us a call at: 800 609-8999, or
we invite you fill out a seminar request form at: