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[Photography] About Jeffrey Scovill

Hello folks, I just wish to point out that the work of Jeffrey Scovill
is known at a worldwide scale … Even in France ! No doubt his book
is worth the money fot it ! Concerning small scales photos; I gave up
with my beautiful Nikon and bought a little digital camera Olympus
four times less expensive. It works pretty well … The biggest
problem comes from the automatic setting of exposure that we have to
bypass. I personally use a black background, or a white one that I
light more or less to obtain different shades of grey, so the camera
tries to make the balance and increases or decreases the exposure so
that my subject is correctly exposed.


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Hello Yann, Regarding photography with a digital camera. I too use a
great old Nikon and am contemplating trying a new digital. Do you light
your set up with tungsten or daylight bulbs when shooting with
a digital?

Hello Diane, I do not really care, because digital cameras
automatically balance to the white. I used old big tungstene bulbs,
but now I find it more handy to use little dichro�c halogen
spotlights. They are safer because they don’t get as hot as big
bulbs, and the power supply is only 24V instead of 220V. Regards.