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Photographing on non-glare glass

After reading the many postings on photographing on non-glare glass,
the “Cloud Dome”, etc. I decided to try to set something up. I
purchased a 12" X 12" piece of non-glare glass from the local glass
shop for $6 and then called a local plastics fabrication shop to see
if they had any kind of white translucent dome. They just happened
to have an 11" diameter white, 1/4" thick, Plexiglass dome left over
from a job. They only wanted $10 for it. I cut a 40mm diameter hole
in the top of the dome, just large enough to hold the lens on me
Olympus C3040Z. I printed out a gradient sheet, placed it on a
table, elevated the glass about 3.5" above the table, then placed
the dome on the glass. I had been using 3200K, 250 watt lamps for
film photography, so I dedided to try those. I clamped one on each
side of the dome, about 18" from the dome at about a 45 degree
angle. The results are great. If you want to see the results email
me and I’ll send samples. Joel

Joel Schwalb