Photoetching silver

Does anyone know of a company which will photoetch/chemically mill
flat parts out of sheet silver? There used to be one in Rhode Island
but I can’t find any on them now. Any would be
appreciated. Thanks, Julia Turner

Julia, Precision Etching in Rhode Island will do silver, and the
cost min us the metal is actually less than brass. Their number is
401-738-5093. Karin Worden

Julia, I called around about having silver etched a few years ago
and found that while some companies do it, it was very expensive. My
solution was to have brass plates etched and then run those through
the rolling mill to emboss the image onto the silver. You end up
with the reverse imprint and a little less precision, but you can
still get quite a bit of detail, and you can use your images more
than once.


Hi Julia. Precision Etchings and Findings in Warwick, RI.
401-738-5093 and Photofabrication Engineering in Milford, MA
508-478-2025 both used to do silver etching. I have worked with
Chemart, who used to be just base metals, but that was some time
ago. They’re at 401-333-9200.

My best resource for this sort of stuff was the Providence area
Yellow Pages. They may have it at the public library or on line.

If you have any questions about this, give me a call.

Don Friedlich