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Photoetching Services

Hello to All: I am interested in finding a company that does
photoetching on a scale that is compatible with jewelry. I have
some prototypes for a series of flat rectangular pins made out of 20
gauge brass. The sizes vary, but they are about 2" x 2 1/2" or
smaller. The pins have figurative drawings on them that I have
etched into the brass surface using using ferric chloride and I
would like to duplicate them so I don’t have to redraw them each
time. If it is easier for the photoetcher to work from a drawing, I
could provide that as well.

I am not at all familiar with this technology and would greatly
appreciate any recommending a photoetcher or any
technical hints or guidelines.

Thank you so much, Yours, Suzanne Linquist

Hey Suzanne: Looks like you and I are looking for the same thing. I
recently tried etching also with ferric chloride. Not having any
decent copper on hand to etch into, I resorted to using a penny that
I had filed down to remove any raised surface.

I got a nice pattern but the relief wasn’t high enough to enable the
next process, rolling the pattern onto a silver slab (14 gauge). At
that time I was restricted to the use of equipment and had to
improvise a rolling mill. The vise didn’t cut it----even with the
use of a ‘cheater’, sufficient pressure to imprint never developed.

I would be very interested in whatever
solutions/materials/techniques come by you as a result of your
posted request.

Much thanks to all,

Hi Suzanne, I have used this process quite a bit over the past years,
and would be happy to give you on the graphic arts
business I use if you contact me off-list. I would think that there
is most probably one close to you that would be happy to take care
of your needs, and you could probably find in a phone book. This
would cut down on the shipping time, and give you more hands-on

Good luck,

Hi Suzanne, We use a light sensitive metal backed polymer to create
masters for our cast pieces. They are reproduced from the original
black and white artwork using a Model Master. I don’t know if this is
the direction you were heading but it seems to be the most economical
way to go if you need to reproduce detailed artwork for production.
If you are planning to have each piece individually etched, then you
would probably have to provide the etcher/engraver with new
black/white artwork (think computer, inkjet and tranparency film)
each time. I suspect that would be an expensive proposition though
possibly justifiable depending on what your pieces sell for.


Hi Jon, I got your email regarding photo-etching. I’ve been a
jeweler for a long time, but I’m a rookie with computer stuff. Are
we off list when I email you like this? If so, I would appreciate
hearing from you about photo etching services. Otherwise, let me
know how best to get in touch. Thanks, Suzanne