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Photoetching questions

In response to some questions regarding photoetching, I will be
glad to discuss problems and solutions with this group.

During college, I became intrigued with photoetching resulting
from one of my assignments. I was using the photocopy transfer
etch technique, but was frustrated with the unreliablity of the
transfer. So for the next two years, I worked with the problem
off and on until I hit the correct solution which gave me
reliable results with nearly any photocopier.

There is quite a bit of info here and I will endeavour to give
you what I know.

Stay tuned!

Karen Christians
Fly Fish Design
282 Lexington Street
Woburn, MA 01801


Hi Karen, I am finishing my B.F.A. but I have not done any
photoetching. I have a light box ready. Do I have to have
special Kodak film for the negative? Does it have to be done on
fine silver? Can I use Ferric Chloride from Radio Shack? Can I
use regular bulbs for the exposure. Have you done any resist on
Niobium with Photocopier? Thanks…for your willingness to
share. Beverly @Beverly_Ann_Bevingto

Hi Karen,

Wow. Techniques have indeed been simplified. A photocopier, you
say … . I’m all ears. More! More! Colleen