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Photoetch; [Was: Name Plates]

Hi Jeffrey!

Would you enlighten us on the process you used to get the image from
CorelDraw to a resist pattern on the sheet of metal? I’ve been looking
into this a bit, and I haven’t yet found a process that seems both
cost-effective for the small artist and reliable enough to provide
consistent results.

Rio offers a small system; I’ve heard mixed reviews and even the detail of
the images in the catalog looks questionable to me. Most of the approaches
I’ve seen are silk screen based… although I did hear an interesting
technique of using the heat from an iron to transfer toner, as a resist,
from a laser printed page.

I looked into subcontracting the work out. I think Anne (thanks!) gave me
a refence to a commercial etching house in the northeast who might be able
to do the job. They can definitely take camera-ready art and return to you
an etched sheet. The problem developed in trying to estimate costs on a
sterling sheet. My mindset works on a cost of materials, plus labor. They
tend to think in some other pricing paradigm, so I was not able to really
get an estimate. It seemed more like, “send us the job, and we’ll let you
know how much it cost after we’re done.” Made me a little uncomfortable.

Anyway, I’d like to hear what has worked for you!

Dave Sebaste

I have not been following this thread, so hopefully this is not old news:

David H. Fell and Co. do photoetched sterling sheet using your image -they
also sell a wide variety of already photoetched patterned silver sheet.
They have a catalog and are very open to working with individual
designers. They are at 6009 Bandini Blvd., City of Commerce, CA 90040.
Their phone is 213-722-9992 or 800-822-1996. Fax 213-722-6567


Kim Keyworth
Metalsmith/Jewelry Design

Dave and Jeffery I may be a little off base. But when we need to
reproduce a logo for a customer, we use a local engraving company
who makes magnesium dyes for printers who foil stamp (I’m sure
most larger cities have one). What we do is give them camera
ready artwork and tell them to photoetch as deep as possible into
a 1mm sheet of magnesium (or whatever thickness we want). Its
important to specify that you do not want a mirror image because
thats what they usually do for printers. These usually come back
very usable, they must be molded and then cast. Works pretty well
and costs about $15.00. Hope this helps.

Mark P.