Photo lighting and ring holding question

Hello all. Have a question on lights and holding of rings.

Does anyone use or know of special lighting used to photograph or
video stones, gems, and small jewelry pieces. Not interested in cloud
dome, but a light that will put small highlights on the subject or
light a very small area. Could be a fiber-optic type or something.

I am going to video jewels and rings for a jewelry store and I need
accent lights and lighting specific for small items. Possibly
having the subject rotating on black of possibly blue/green screen
for video compositing.

Different topic. How do I make a stone or ring stand up and not have
the support visible? I’m used to using putty like support, but I’m
afraid it will be visible underneath the ring shank and I can’t have
that. And if it is rotating it has to be small and not visible from
any angle. Any suggestions? Would superglue or something like that
work and be safe for the subject and easy to remove?



If I were trying this I would use one of those halogen penlights for
accents and maybe a subtle star filter. They can be had for most
lenses video or still camera

Daniel Ballard