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Photo etching


I have a customer who wants 100 penny size(3/4") lapel pins
with his club logo and name and a picture of a car on it. I have
the graphic in color and black and white. It looks very do-able
in either photo etching or casting. The pins are going to be
sterling, and I can do the backs and finishing if needed. Does
anybody have the name and phone # of a reputable etcher? Can
this be done in 3 weeks and how much should I expect to pay for
the pins? I remember seeing photo etched samples at the MJSA
shows but didn’t take the info at the time. I could make
several, but 100 is just too many for me. Thanks for any help Fred

Fred Krauter Specializing in Jewelry techniques
Gristmill Craft School and Hand cut stones
P.O.Box 453
Doylestown, PA 18901 @Fred_Krauter1

Go to a lazer engraver and have it lazered out in a chunck of
plex-a-glass the size you want and cast up the first and mold
and crank them out, have never seen etching done in production
before but again I have not all that is to be seen.


Fred, When I have done similar projects, I have used an engraving
shop that makes plates for advertising. Have them make a “read
right” cut. From that, I make a mold for casting. I have done
these plain, and with low firing enamel. The cost for the cut is
usually under $10.00. Good Luck, Curtis

Hi Fred :slight_smile:

Since you live close enough to Phila, you might want to consider
a a local company there and go with a die-struck piece rather
than photoetching. I don’t have the number handy, but a call to
Phila directory assistance for


will get you the number.

As your piece is a disc, I’d think die-striking would be an optimal solution. Simons Bros can
provide you with a gorgeously cut die to duplicate your artwork
and any number of finished or near finished pieces in any metal.
They’ll charge you a single fee for making the die (maybe
somewhere between $150-300 depending on the complexity of the
design) and then for the individual pieces. In sterling, I
couldn’t imagine they’ll cost you more than a couple of bucks
apiece, depending on finish and findings added.

I’ve used these folks over the years to make club and graduation
pins and have had excellent results from them. The designs are
photo-identical and the customer will love the bas-relief effect
of their logo. Just what you need when you need 100 pieces and
have no time to make them.

Good luck keeping 'em happy :slight_smile:


Dear Fred

I use a local photo etcher that does work for the printing
industry in magnesium, then I RTV mold the piece and lost wax
cast it in whatever metal. The etched masters are inexpensive, I
just had a sheet with 28 masters done, 20 of them designs for
bands the rest logos, for $65. If you don’t want to do this
yourself, I’d be happy to do this for you. You can call me at
(209)298-1252 or e-mail off Orchid at @ArtWrkshop. I need
more detail to give an estimate.

Tom Tietze
The Artisan Workshop
8298 N Dearing Ave
Fresno, Ca 93720

Try calling a high end printer who uses magnesium plates for
etching. The etcher can provide you with a good magnesium plate
that you can saw out the circular shape and then make a rubber
mold from. Then casting should be easy and very accurate. The
mag plate should be $25.00 or less, and the mold likewise. Just
give them a crisp black and white image, no grey, that is the
exact size you wnat. they will most likely make the transparence
for you. Good luck.