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Photo-etching help


Fellow Orchidians:

Is there anyone out there who is set up to do photo-etching? I have
a client who would like a calligraphic symbol etched onto a disk
about the size of a quarter.

If you can assist me, please e-mail me at

Doug Zaruba


Doug, Instead of photoetching you can call some print shops in your
area and find one that still etches print plates in zinc.We have one
here that I use they can etch the design in different thicknesses of
plate and work from any camera ready design.You can then take the
plate cut it to the size you need and mold it and cast it.Works much
better than photo etching and is usally less than 15 or 20 bucks for
single designs less if you do a full plate. Best of luck

J Morley (recently returned from Denver show)


Doug, An addendum to J. Morley’s answer, If you can find a
Photo-Engraver, They can do the same thing. Photo-Engravers etch metal
of all kinds. Normally, they made the etched plates that Printers used.
Nowadays the printers are using photo-direct so there aren’t very many
left around. Try the phone book. LOL


Hi James The Daniel Smith Catalog has everything you need for etching
1-800-426-6740 Hope this helps Susan Chastain