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Photo Etch question

Hi Gang,

I recently acquired the Etch Press system from Rio. The
instructions state that the master from which the screen is made
has to be a high-carbon image. The examples they give are laser
printer or photocopy.

I’m wondering if an inkjet (HP) is satisfactory. I assume it
is, but don’t want to waste one of my five screens finding out
it’s not! :slight_smile:

Oh… and on a side note: I just used Dave Arens’ Koil Kutter
for the first time (I got it a couple weeks ago before the
flurry of discussion). If you don’t have one, GET ONE! What a
dream… I made over 100 links for a chain in no time at all and
it was fun and easy. Not like sawing with a jeweler’s saw!
Sorry for the shameless plug! :wink:


Dave Sebaste
Sebaste Studio
Charlotte, NC (USA)

Ink jet printers do not use carbon based ink.If you need carbon
then this ink wont work.