Photo Enhancement and Editing Services

After my post, I was asked about photo enhancement and editing.
I do computer consulting in addition to my gemstone sales and
collecting. This includes doing consulting in the digital image
field for almost five years now. I have written programs for the
enhancement of images. I use my programs and a number of
commerical programs for image enhacement. Among those areas that
I have been into (in addition to gems) are forensic and
scientific image enhancement. These have included images of
astronomical nature and hold-ups at ATM’s.

I would be interested in discussing this field by direct E-Mail
with anyone having interest. Possibly we can get a special
interest group going. Please E-Mail me with any questions or
interest in this.

It is possible to pay a lot of money for a digital camera. If
the highest quality images are required, nothing currently will
beat (or possibly ever will beat) what I call “wet” images
(photographs). While we speak of dots per inch, the very best
scientific films will produce hundreds of lines per milimeter.
Good quality images can be scanned to whatever resoultion is
required. But inexpensive digital cameras will produce both great
Web Pages and reasonable photographs. Do you think the Hubble
telescope has people going up to change the film?