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Photo engraving?

I’m searching for a company that will take a photo of a logo or
design and make one of those zinc(?) plates that I can then mold and
make in gold.

I think it’s called photo engraving, but it’s been many years
since I thought about it.

Some companies glue the plate to a piece of wood, but I obviously
don’t want that.

Paf Dvorak

The company you are looking for is Owosso Graphic Arts, 151 N.
Delaney Rd.

Owosso, MI 48867

Jon Michael Fuja

Hi Paf

Owosso, is the place used for
my engravings. In my early career as a photographer/photogengraver for
a newspaper, my job was making zinc engravings. I sure don’t miss
working with nitric acid.

You might also want to consider investment casting photopolymer. One
of my YouTube videos shows the process used for some of my castings,
both for making a vulcanized mold for wax injection or investing

Hope this helps
Rod Grantham