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Photo ecthing

I am so excited that I ve found your web page. I’m a beginning
jeweller and a webamaniac. I’ve been recently trying to teach
myself how to etch metal and I ahve run into some trouble you may
be able to helpme with. I’m trying a “low-tech” photo ecthing in
my small studio/home where I photo copy my design onto a
transparency and then heat set it on to my metal. the image is
not transfering completely on to the metal no matter how long I
leave the heat on it. Maybe I’m using the wrong kind of acetate
film? I’m using a clear transperancy that I purchased in an
office supply store. If you can help please send a return email

Kikanza Ramsey

Check with a company called Rio Grande at
They are a jewelery equipment and supply house and have a
complete system for doing that type of etching.