[Phoenix] Orchidians Invitation to Artist Reception

To all my fellow Orchidians, in the short time I have been on this
list, the learned has been absolutely amazing to say the
least! And as they say, You get out of life what one gives, I am
very pleased to invite you all to our first ever artist reception

We are both excited about being accepted into this years Heard Show.
This is my second year for the show, and Marlas (my g/f) debut. With
that, were throwing ourselves a small shin-dig at a friends studio
near downtown Phoenix to showcase our newest works, meet new people,
talk shop, and just to have fun before the big show. This is going to
be a very relaxed and informal event.

I will be showcasing my latest endeavours and creations using
sen-zogan and hira-zogan style inlay into stainless.

Marla will also be showcasing her latest paintings, focusing on
abstract subjects.

All the about the reception is on this page.


We both hope to see you there!!!
P@ & Marz