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Pewter jewelry box

A few years back I purchased some cute little pewter jewelry
boxes from a company. The lid of the animal shaped box served as a
pin and there was a small pendant with a silver chain inside as
well as a pair of earrings.It came in assorted designs, anything
from a dolphin to Merlin the magician. I cant remember the
manufacturer or find the vendor. Anyone know where to get these
things? I appreciate all help in this


My daughter has one (a unicorn) The bottom has the word "Torino"
cast into it. Hope this provides a clue. Regards, Karen

I have one of these that my mother gave me 20-mumble years ago.
It has daisies around the outside of the box. The lid has a
daisy with two bumble bees (which turn out to be earrings) and
the lid itself is a pin. Inside the box is a little daisy pewter
charm on a necklace. I’ve looked it over and can’t find any kind
of marks, however.