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Hi Skip, I’m out here! No… over here! Hi, how are you? I would try
Conley casting supply for pewter (800-445-7900). “Food Grade” pewter has
the least lead content. Most of the pewter or “white metal” casters are
spin casting into a large round vulcanized silicone mold. Aside from
possible contamination of your gold and silver crucibles and equipment,
there is no reason you can’t centrifugaly cast in COLD investment. You
could also use a cold investment flask and vac cast. You might need to
experiment with the flask temp depending on the texture of the piece you
want to cast. You would get better surfaces when cast into a vulcanized
silicon mold though, and don’t have to inject or burnout any wax. You can
gravity pour directly into a small wax injection mold of either natural
rubber or vulcanized silicone. The problem here is you run the risk of
ruining your rubber mold for wax injection. This may not have the
definition you want without the centrifugal force. Also, if you try a
static pour into a small mold you’ll need to provide some vent channels.
Not impossible, but keep everything clean and everything for your gold and
silver separate. If I had a choice, and didn’t have a spin casting
machine, (I sold mine) I’d go ahead and cast in cold investment. J.A.