Petrified forest


We are planning a trip to Tucson this year and will be traveling
along I15 towards Vegas from Saskatchewan. I would like to stop at
the Petrified Forest along the way but am uncertain about the road
condition from Kanab to Flagstaff. Does anyone know what the road is
like and would there be any problems at that time of year (Jan 26,

Thanks in advance

uncertain about the road condition from Kanab to Flagstaff. 

The Petrified Forest is on I-40 east of Flagstaff - and the highway
in this section has always been cleared of any snow soon after it

Hi, You can check or something similar. Put in a few
towns from a map and get a 10 day forecast. Could be some snow but
it is a nice trip. you will love Tucson show! Have fun, luv bruce

Paved two lane road all the way. Plenty of places to pull over and
take photos. Enjoy.

Gary D.

When we traveled that way last spring the detour onto 89T was
recently paved, and wasn’t bad to travel on. Caveat emptor, I live
in VT where bi-directional 2 lane roads are the norm. so, if you are
expecting a dividedhighway you will be disappointed.


I missed the original post on this. I know that area like the back
of my hand. I use to live in the four corners area, and for about 4
years, was a tour guide through the area. Later I started kicking
around with a friend who worked for the forest service, and BLM.
Anything you want to know I can help you with. If not my foster
daughter and her family who are full blooded Navajo still living on
the Rez, can help.

Petrified Forest is closer to Winslow. Eat before you go out there.
the one restaurant/cafe, is horrible. Nice roads and such no problem.
Now if you are into collecting PW yourself, do not on public land.
Exception is roadways that do not go through forest areas or federal
land. Such places are like hwy. 59 between Kanab and Hurricane Utah.
If I was with you I could show you the good turn outs that have lots
of good rock. Most are really close to Hurricane after you get up on
the plate heading east.

Kanab is a fun little town if you want a time capsule back to the
early 1960’s. There are two ways out of town to get to Flagstaff.
Both have scenic routes, and both offer lots for you. The one going
to Page you will turn left about two blocks south of Main street.
There will be signs so don’t worry. It will take you past Paria
Canyon area. If you have ever seen pictures of the sandstone layered
rock that looks like frozen waves, that is what is on a grueling hike
inland from that stop. The lake Powell route is pretty, but the other
one might be what you want for sheer touristy things. Nedra’s in
Fredonia has decent Navajo Taco’s. You will want to stop at the first
pullout after you go up onto the plate again.

It will be on your left hand side. Also has some toilets there. Not
many pullouts have facilities. Going further you will hit Jaco’s
Lake. It is the junction of where 89 and the road to the North Rim of
the Grand Canyon meet. Jacob’s Lake has no lake. Once upon a time
long ago, there was sink hole that filled with water, and that why it
was named that. Great selection of Indian jewelry there. The North
Rim is far better scenically than the south rim. Not as touristy

You will take 89 going to the left from Jacob’s Lake. It will wind
down off the Platuea into what is known as Marble canyon. They now
have you go over a updated super safe bridge over the Colorado river.
Took the fun out of it. It use to scare the crap out of tours too
look out the windows and down. Worth a stop. Soon you will be on the
Rez as we from there call it. Drive the speed limit. It is patrolled
and the navajo nation has no sense of humor. Also break for sheep. I
haven’t heard of it in the past 25 years, but it use to be that sheep
hit by you were sold to you at a very high rate. But again it was at
least 25 years past. Not going back up on the platuea when you meet
the Page turn off would be a good thing. If you wanted to see the
Page area, you should have taken the road from Kanab and gone the
back way. The next place worth stopping is Cameron. It is a huge
complex of tourist stuff. They have some of the best navajo taco’s.
Good lunches and dinners. You also want to spend time checking out
the jewelry. Everything from cheap crap up to the award winning

Just after Cameron is the turn off to the South Rim. But you for all
intents and purposes are almost in Flagstaff. The road will
gradually widen out to two lanes each side. When you hit Flag, you
will want to go east on I-40. That will take you past Winslow and the
Petrified Forest.

Or if you want to go to Phoenix, go west and take I-17 south. That
way also will take you past the turn off to Sedona. Flagstaff is the
best place to get gas. So is Kanab at the beginning. DO NOT stop any
place on the way other than if you go through Page to fill up. The
prices are horrible.

OK if you have any more questions, just email me. I will be out that
way again for the summer in late May until the labor day weekend. If
you are there then, let me know, and I can give you the 10 cent tour.