Personal training in repairing gold jewelry


My name is Joanne and I am a beginner looking for an instructor that
would like to give me some lessons in repairing gold jewelry. I have
a small studio. My interest began when I became aquainted with a
jeweler and I have always been into some type of craft. At this point
in time I am looking to be able to repair my own gold jewelry like
size rings and repair bracelets and anklets. Then maybe get into
making some jewelry like earrings for myself. Karen of Metalwerxs has
been to my studio and I explained I was hoping to find someone closer
to my area and she told me about this site. I live in the upper
Northeast by the Ma/NH border near Newburyport/ Haverhill area. If
interested please Email me:

Joanne E Vien
Merrimac, Ma

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     My name is Joanne and I am a beginner looking for an
instructor that would like to give me some lessons in repairing
gold jewelry. 

Hello Joanne,

I am assuming you are the same Joanne Devlin, attending college in
Manchester UK, who introduced herself earlier in the digest. If it
is you you say that your future aim is to set up your own business
as a goldsmith. As someone who has run his own goldsmithing business
for the past twenty years may I give you some advice. First when you
have completed your current college course, get a job at the bench
and learn the daily basics of bench work. I am afraid that the
college environment bears no relation to having to earn a living at
this trade. If you intend staying in the college environment and
perhaps becoming part of the teaching establishment, then go ahead
an obtain as many qualifications as you can, because they will help
you get a job in the teaching environment, but qualifications won’t
help you be a goldsmith, you need to work alongside as many
different craftsmen that you can, then watch and learn!! Try to
establish your own style and quality, if jewellery is your scene
then learn as many aspects of the manufacturing that you can, then
make up a small stock of your unique pieces and offer them for free
exhibition in a local gallery, on a sale or return basis, this way
for a small outlay you may get your own business started.

I do not make much jewellery as I am more in demand for my
specialist skills in immitating the likes of Faberge, making Easter
eggs and such like to special commission order only. But if I can
be of any help with advice in the future please feel free to ask.

See my work on the Orchid gallery if you are interested.

By the way I have no college qualifications what so ever, I left
school at the age of fifteen, did an apprenticeship as a goldsmith
and have been a working goldsmith ever since, although slowing down
now at the age of fifty nine.

Good luck with your plans
James Miller