Personal Benchwork Development

we have a jewelry manufacturing operation in india and are interested
to know if there is any video/presentation available on benchwork
developments. we believe that developments at the bench can come
directly from the creative minds of the benchworkers. however i am
not able to explain the possibilities/meaning of this to workers at
our factory. they simply work as machines and will get stagnated in
time if they dont get creative in R&D on benchwork. i need some
material to expand their thought process.


A good idea for constant experimentation would be to hire a person
trained in benchwork techniques from jewellery school where
manufacturing is taught. Since the student there is trained in
different ways from the way a traditional karigar would work, the
amalgamation could lead to interesting results. As also, the actual
sample of work is speaks volumes than mere ideas or words especially
when we talk of jewellery.

All the best,

i am interested in talking with “dhaval” about exactly what you are
interested in as far as a presentation might involve. i am a
jewelery teacher/artist here in the US, and am planning a trip to
india in january of 2007. perhaps we can figure something out. please
email me at @joanna_gollberg if you are interested. i saw
this post too late to email you back personally!

joanna gollberg