Permanent oxidised finish

hi just joined here and have a question on oxidising silver. I’ve
done a few searches and can’t find my answer on here already.

I’m wondering how to get a more permanent oxidised finish on my
silver. I’m using liver of sulphur at the moment, don’t have too much
problem getting it even though it is time consuming ( i work at home
so am cleaning my jewellery in quite a basic way, pickle, then rinse
or pumice).

I like this finish a lot and would like to use it on more of my
work, only thing is it wears off after quite a short time. Should i
take pieces back and re-oxidise them? I know other jewellers out
there sell oxidised rings-presumably theirs don’t do this?

Have tried heating then dipping silver, but think this gives an even
less permanent finish am i right?

don’t really want to use the stronger chemical solutions because of
lack of ventilation/safety.

also, would like to avoid varnish or lacquer which has been
suggested to me, this kind of goes against the point of it to me- i
might as well just paint it black!


Hello Alex:

I use fairly heavy oxidation on a few pieces I make. I use commercial
oxidizers - Silver Black, Silver Blackener. I haven’t noticed that
commercial oxidizers are any kind of a breathing hazard but I’m not
doing vast numbers of pieces.

On a final finished piece (after rouge and ultrasonic) I apply the
oxidizer (with a toothpick usually) to a textured surface. Most of
the surfaces I oxidize are textured with a round bur, so they are
heavily textured. If you go to my site and look at the Yin Yang
symbol you’ll see the type of surface. If you don’t have a Flex Shaft
you can use a Dremel with the right bur. I recently textured a piece
with a brush finish, which the customer liked but the oxidation
wasn’t as even.

Once I have applied the solution I dip it in cold water, dry the
piece and burnish, usually with a brush wheel. I then repeat the
process until I get the effect I want. Twice is usually enough.

I am oxidizing Argentium silver. I haven’t noticed any difference
between AS and Sterling as far as the commercial preparations are


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