"Permanent" jewelry

I have been asked if I can weld a piece of chain on to someone’s wrist. I suspect that I can, using my pulse arc welder, I just am not sure if I want to. I am looking for thoughts on this process…Rob

Sunstone has a full article about it on their website. Check it out.

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The last time I was asked to make a chain permanent it was a neck chain, and that was pre laser, pre-pulse arc, so I had to solder the chain closed with a torch.
That was somewhat white knuckle, but the customer was serious and they got what they wished. I made sure to protect the skin with a damp cloth, and their hair was pinned way out of my way.
Compared to that adventure, making a chain clasp-less with either a laser or a pulse arc, and on a wrist, would seem a piece of cake.


The repetitious background music got to be too much, so I quit watching the video at the half way mark. Maybe they mentioned it after that. But they showed doing the weld in the open, without using the flash-blocking filter that comes with welders. Which welder instructions say you should never do.

At the least the customer should be told to not watch unless provided with welder’s glasses. Ditto the operator. I’m sure Rob knows that, but unless I missed it later in the video, shame on Sunstone for not mentioning that up front.

Neil A


Neil…That was my thought too. I have freehanded my PUK a few times and tried to close my eyes just before the flash. It didn’t work very well. Next time I will try my welding mask, however, I think that I have heard that isn’t a good idea either. Thanks for the caution…Rob

why is welding mask not a good idea either? Is it too dark to see what you’re trying to do?

As I recall, they aren’t dark enough. I need to go back and review my PUK instructions. I will report back what I find…Rob

I think the welding mask is frowned upon in the case of those that auto-darken as not being quick enough to block the flash.

Neil A

Welding masks are fine for almost any welding work.
For PUK which is a TiG welder I believe it should be fine too, reaction time and darkening can be adjusted.
The professionals welding all day use them with no problems.
They are bulky though

For Laser welding you will need special masks due the to the nature of laser beams.

The video addresses this at 6:30. Operator views through an ADL (auto darkening lens). Customer wears protective glasses, onlookers should be advised to look away.

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I tried my PUK freehand with a welding mask on the highest setting and it seemed to work fine…Rob

An interesting decision. I know of groups that discuss ethics: bio ethics, religious, etc.

Knowing it could be cut off eases my mind a bit. I actually sport a tattoo. I did take time to consider whether or not to permanently decorate my calf.Decisions from different perspectives are intriguing.
They’ll have their eyes protected while you perform this, right? IF you perform this. Now, I’m curious as to “why” someome would wish a permanent fixing of a piece of jewelry?

I’ll follow this because it is so curious!

I find it hard to believe that people are “lining up for this”… Most commercial jewelry is rooted in the fad of the moment. Hard to believe someone would want to make a lifetime commitment to such a non distinctive, mediocre chain. Especially nowadays, people are constantly wanting to get rid of what they have and get something new. And just imagine having a piece of silver jewelry that you can never polish!

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It is more or less semi permanent, it can be cut off at any moment they decide to.
Money seem to be no issue for some, so they have nothing stopping them if they get an idea.

I haven’t seen a lot of people getting silver chains, but in my area (NYC) “forever” teeny tiny gold chain bracelets are extremely popular. Many jewelry stores offer it- think places like Catbird and Mejuri. In fact I think Catbird started the trend, and calling it “getting zapped”. A new little jewelry boutique opened near me and they have a big sign out front advertising the service.

I guess that it is OK with me. It really isn’t permanent, but that is the power of marketing…Rob

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Permanent jewelry is quite the fad. I have heard of a lot of folks adding this option for their customers and then setting up at a boutique and making a ton of money. Rio even sells a “permanent jewelry kit” now that contains an orion and other misc stuff to support this fad.


I don’t have experience using one… I do have experience with light duty MIG welder for spot welding broken patio furniture made of steel… and making some wind chimes and mobiles with light scrap metal.
The helmet eye protective glass has to be “sized” to the brightness of the arc… I tried a few times to do it with eyes closed but the results weren’t very good… too lazy to put my helmet on… the stronger the welding current, the brighter the arc… it also throws off ultraviolet light that is dangerous… the specs on jewelry welders that I can find are far less powerful, but are still electric arcs… at 5,000 degrees K, all electric arcs are very bright and emits some energy as ultraviolet…the energy transferred to the work is rated in joules, with a range of 0.3 joules to 30… they don’t give the specs on actual current and voltage, nor pulse duration, which I would presume to be in the millisecond range. One joule is a watt-second…that would be equivalent to I amp at I volt applied for a second… or 10 volts with a current of 100 amps applied for 1 millisecond, if I have the math right…
I don’t know why permanent jewelry is a rage… I suppose there will be a market for cutting them off and installing a clasp…just like there is a market now for tattoo removal

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there will likely come a time when removing them will have a market… just as tattoo removal has a big market now… fads come and go… ride the wave to make some money while it lasts, and anticipate a second wave for their removal…

I have been asked this very question at Christmas of this past year. A recently engaged couple were a little hot with me when I said “Absolutely not.” It does propose an interesting puzzle however.

My experience with hand injuries has lead me to make the decision I will not make bangles. I won’t make link bracelets un less they have un soldered jump rings. I am an absolute bug about bracelets or chains that can catch on something and trap the wearer.