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Peridot and Citrine Rings

Handmade Sterling Silver Citrine Ring. Comes with a Pear-cut Citrine weighing 4 Cts. Citrine is untreated and comes from Brazil. Ring is fabricated from sterling silver using hand tools and Silver plate. See how this ring was made here

Handmade Peridot Hollow Ring. Comes with a fine AAA grade 7.3 Caret oval-cut Peridot measuring 14.5 x 11 x 6.5mm. Peridot is untreated and comes from Pakistan. Ring is made from 1.5mm Silver plate and 0.5mm silver plate for the setting.

Nice looking ring…BUT the “VEE-claws” are not even touching the stone.
Good way to cut the finger, or catch on clothing, pity! If that being the
case, I would have just angled the ring differently for the
photograph…Just my humble opinion!!!..Gerry!

Gerry Lewy

I’m leaving this consolidated thread live, other threads deleted. Trust level set to new user. Don’t add more threads, keep these to one thread. Don’t post commercial links to things for sale, this is not the place for that.

Thank you, Seth.

Thanks for your feedback. Yes, there is room for improvement on the citrine one. This is my first year making rings and im mostly self taught but just having fun thinking of things and being creative.